Anchorage Cooperative Weed Management Area (ANC-CWMA)

BLM Team Leader with pulled European Bird Cherries

5th Annual

Anchorage Weed Smackdown

Russian Jack Park
Saturday, July 18, 2015

10 AM to 1 PM
Rain or Shine

What is a weed smackdown?  The smackdown is a family-friendly event to control invasive plants.  We will be targeting  European bird cherry, an invader which degrades moose and salmon habitat.  By removing these invaders, we will allow native plants and healthy habitats to come back.

Volunteers will work with leaders who are members of the Anchorage Cooperative Weed Management Area.  We will supply all tools required, but if you have work gloves you can bring, please do.  The smackdown will be fun, with prizes, and free lunch!

How do I get involved?  To volunteer, please click the Register button below.  You can form a team or join a team at the event.  The work is best suited for older children and adults, but younger children are welcome to come and observe. 


For more information, please e-mail weedwar.net@gmail.com.